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Don't know if some of you guys have seen this site, but they have some pretty cheap stuff. Now it is good quality because all they have to sell comes off of fairly new Dodge Challengers. R/T and SRT. I bought my exhaust tips from them and they shipped them COD. $60 You cant beat that. Just give them a look and see what they got.
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they really do have some sweet deals but since the shipping is so darn high
i cant take them up on the havy items i would like to get my hands on.

srt shocks, springs and sway bars and a set of the 20" wheels and tires
so i have been trying to find them locally
"shipping is so darn high" THAT'S my problem too - otherwise I would have ALREADY bought some of his stuff - the front bar I wanted was 30.00 shipping was 70.00
I bought a SRT air intake tube & box. $49 but $20 for shipping. It is high. Bad thing is all I need is the tube & not the box.
I think any spare parts you have left over will sell easily Shannon. I bought the SRT tube and box from them myself and used all of it, sold my CAI and kept the stock stuff.

I say that I won't need it because I think the Cervini's kit come with one. I just need the tube to get rid of that big ass plastic box that comes off of the RT stock tube. Also it would cover up or hinder the catch can install.
7 days more. Tick Tock!!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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