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Talk me into it!

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I'm planning on buying a challenger as soon as I get my settlement from the railroad and was wanting to get some info from you guys that already own one. Would you buy one again, which one would you choose if you had the money or chance to buy another one? Is the srt the way to go? What color do you like the most and so on,. Thanks
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Just take a look at Consumer Reports (not for their biased reviews or recommendations) and you can see that 92% percent of Challenger owners said they would definitely buy another one.

I'm sure on this site, that answer would be 100% :)
Yeah I've read that on there and that's a big plus, I definitley am going to get one just wanted to hear what people on here say about em. To me they don't make a better looking car. My wife is dying for a new camaro but I like old muscle cars and this car has the look of an old muscle car with all the new technology. The camaro is a pretty car but just not for me. Plus it just looks too plasticy to me also.
just remember that the camaro is smaller inside. It is really a 2 seater car. the back seat is nothing but a glorified beer cooler holder. that is how small it is.
the rear quarter windows are very small too, Challengers quarter windows are bigger and you can actually see out of them.

you wont believe the room you will have in a Challenger compared to a Mustang or Camaro.
One good thing that you are doing is a little research before you buy. What ever Challenger you decide on, be sure to go HERE and look at all the diffrent options that pirticular model may have. When you get it like you want, print it out, then go looking for that vehicle or order it from your dealer. You may have read another thread in here titled Doge Salesmen Have no clue. Well a lot of them don't. And that could lead to "Man, I wish that I would have known that before I bought it" Although I love my Challenger, there are a few things missing in it because the Idiots didn't order it.
If you have questions about any of the options. You know what to do.
I don't know if you have test-driven one yet, but I would if I had to do it over again. I'm one of the early owners, the only ones available in mid-2008 to test drive were the '08 SRT8's and they generally wouldn't let it off the lot unless you were a serious buyer. I took a chance and put a deposit sight-unseen while it was being built. I may upgrade to an SRT8 once mine is paid off, but I don't see myself in anything else but a Challenger. Not one regret, not one second of buyers remorse. Don't buy this car if you don't like attention or answering lots of questions. It's your call which trim level you select, but the bottom line is, you will want one, so GET ONE.:eek:ldtimer:

This car WILL change your life, no other car will do that! Decisions you make before buying this car, will never matter after u own it, that simple! That awesome! Good luck bro! Mark
bought an SE nearly 1 year ago and wouldnt change a thing.
bought an SE nearly 1 year ago and wouldnt change a thing.
Same here only bought mine 7 months ago. Love it.
thanks for all the input guys, i'm still torn between getting an all black or an orange and black one.
Would you buy one again, which one would you choose if you had the money or chance to buy another one
This is a simple question. I would get one of every color. Who's paying?

Oh... I would get all R/T... don't know why, but I would...with EVIC's. Man I need to hit the friggin lottery
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