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Texas Outlaw Challengers first show/run of 2010, February 6th

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Looks like this will be the first show and run for our club, weather permitting! If u want to meet up here and cruise together, let me know and we'll figure out a meet place and time, or we can meet there! Mark
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Dont forget, If your going to this it's a free entry for the show. BUT YOU HAVE TO CALL JUSTIN TO ENTER IN ADVANCE:drinkingbuddies:

Were going to try and make it.
Thanks bro, not too worried bout winning a show with only one award per car model! Will call to make sure they have enough BB-Q on hand tho! LOL!
Were in,
Is there a thread on who's going and Im not seeing it yet?
Jeff (rodzilla ) said he's going.......Will have to see!!!!!!!!!!!! He's been on the rag latly
No thread, uncle Tony is in contact with dealership and has added both of u, updated total is now 13. Forwarded ur email to him, he hasn't answered about the meetup spots, times u suggested, guess everyones kinda waiting to see what weathers gonna do. Don't know if weathers bad, if they'll reschedule or anything yet. The waiting for it is KILLING me too, allready told Jerri, unless there's hail or tornados we're going! Soon as I hear anything I'll let u know, Mark
Take Jeff ( rodzilla ) off the list, he's got to work..........:(
see ya there!!! :D
See u in Hillsboro @ 8:30, or see ya there!
you guys are talking show and us northeast people are talking SNOW!!!!!
Hahaha, don't feel bad brother, at the shows in aug/sept last summer round here, it's amazing what happens to the facias/bumpers on these brilliant black cars! Good part of Texas heat/black car/afternoon shows is no one touches my car, that it doesn't touch back! So yes, I'd rather deal with our summers here, then learn to spell show with a N, bbrrrr, ;)
i cant tell you that i would rather take the summer heat in Texas than
the freaking cold of the northeast for some reason i can always get cool
but no matter how many layers i put on i still freeze my A** off
Sorry to hear you all got buried, wait let me re fraze.... Sorry to hear you~s guys got so much snow today!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me and my Sick baby Lisa with our Texas Outlaws group, met up with Sicker Bee, Ghost, Rod, Doug, Tony ( moparx2), Carlos and some other. Sorry bad with names for a warm Texas day in Temple Texas.
My White ass got sun burned..........
Sorry you fellow North Easter's, Born and raised in a snow drift myself!
Ya ' all can keep that sh*t!!!!!!!
Thats why I live here. Here in Texas the saying goes like this : " If you dont like the weather here, wait a few minutes!!!!! IT WILL CHANGE
photos from the show???? at least i can live vicariously through you guys until the weather warms up

fortunately I'm not in south jersey, we got about 11" with 2-3ft drifts
here in mercer county, the counties south of me got anywhere from
18"-28" plus numerous power outages.
supposed to be real cold this week lows in the single digits highs in
the upper 20s with another 6"+ storm coming for
Tuesday in to Wednesday so this crap isn't going to melt any time soon.
Man I got a sun burn!

Our baby's

thinking that our new members ride HORT & JJAR?

Our SE~xy with her new Mod in the warm TexAS sun:cool:

GHOST's ride, Great meeting ya dude

Sickr Bee

Carlose's ride, new member

First place winner
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Sorry for the sunburn, paleface! Jerris nose is little red today too, me glad I had longbilled cho-cho hat! Thanks for the pics! Mark
photos from the show???? at least i can live vicariously through you guys until the weather warms up
link to my photbucket from the Mac Hail show. No pics of mine or Horts..sorry
sunburned here too - GHOSTS don't do well in that GOLDEN SUNSHINE!!
Sorry to here of everyone getting sunburns on Feb.6, only could happen in Texas! Guess it was just good karma to get such a bee-u-tee-mus day, in the middle of all this rain! I'm gonna have to get a canopy before the next show, as last years first show we attended was in May over in Rockwall,Tx liked to cooked me and Jerri! Good ole Comanche genes saved me then, not so much my blue-eyed sweety, LOL!
hey - I am picking up some danged folding chairs - might grab canopy too - good idea :)
forgot to tell you the FUNNY thing - guy asked me "Why you got so many GHOST logos on your car?" Looked him STRAIGHT in the eyes and said "I have Alzheimer's"

The idiot BELIEVED me!!!!!

WYD?? :blonde: WYD??

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