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Thanks to EPP

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In November of 08 I started looking around to purchase an R/T 6 speed. I found a couple of them at different dealers but could not work a deal that was satisfactory to me. In February of 09 EPP came into effect. I called a dealer that had a car I was interested in and told him I would be there tomorrow to look at it. When I got there on Friday they had just sold it. The salesman said no problem we'll locate you another one. Right then and there he got on his computer and located one a few states away that was optioned out even more than the one he just sold. He asked me if I wanted to go for it and I said yes. I ended up getting a car with $2400 more in options, $1000 more for my trade and $1000 rebate for financing with Chrysler. The icing on the cake was 0% financing for 48 months. I figured if I had bought in November I would have settled for alot less car for even a higher price and would have not gotten the 0% financing which was a big money saver in itself. I guess the saying "All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait" applied to me. By Tuesday the car was in my garage.
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Great story. Yeah, that 0% financing is a great deal by itself.
yeah, i got lucky too. my order came in and i picked it up feb 11th. getting EP++ saved me an additional $1800 off our agreed price when i ordered.
Nice to hear about good buying experiences
Yeah it is great even after the wait.
a delorean time machine
I bought mine that same week! Only difference is I ordered mine in May 08 and was patiently awaiting delivery. Timing was on my side as well as initial confusion if SRT models qualified. I ended up getting EP on my ordered SRT for a better price than I initially negotiated off sticker and got the 0% financing to boot. Plus I was taking delivery of my dream car that I had been waiting about 3 years to be moved out of concept into production. I was definitely high on life for a while there myself! :rock:
In fall of 2008 I looked around at the few SEs on lots here but wanted to wait until May 2009 since winter in Ohio isn't really cool driving weather and my car would be an everyday driver. When they announced EPP I had to jump on it so the dealership by my located the car I wanted about 125 miles from here and I took delivery on 2-5-2009.
my dealer is waiting to see if they are going to offer 0% again. He said of they do I may have a chance to upgrade to an RT.
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