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Haven't quite wrapped my head around this report yet....The paint facility upgrade sounds nice, but.....Please read...

DETROIT–Chrysler will probably build the next Alfa Romeo flagship sports car in Brampton if the company decides to proceed with such a project this year, says the company's top official.
Sergio Marchionne, chief executive officer for Chrysler and its Italian partner, Fiat SpA, told reporters Tuesday that he has instructed Alfa Romeo managers to redevelop its business case for the iconic car.
"The answer is if you build it, it's likely it will be there (Brampton), if we build it at all," Marchionne said during a news briefing at the North American International Auto Show here.
Marchionne, a former Torontonian who studied at the University of Toronto and University of Windsor, noted that although Alfa has a great brand and history, it remains "a drag" on resources at Fiat.
Fiat has been wrestling with the Alfa issue for some time but Marchionne noted it would make a decision about the project before the end of the year.
Last year, AutomotiveCompass, a U.S.-based research firm that tracks auto production schedules around the world, revealed that Fiat would move assembly of the Alfa Romeo 169 E-segment sedan to Brampton from an operation in Italy.
Furthermore, the firm noted that its sources in Alfa and the parts industry indicated production of the niche vehicle would start in 2012.
Insiders say the Alfa car would need to generate sales of at least 10,000 to 15,000 annually in North America to become viable. The Brampton plant could easily handle the extra production, since output of three cars has dropped in recent years.
The Brampton plant currently builds the Chrysler 300 sedan, Dodge Charger and Challenger sports cars.
Marchionne, who is trying to turn around Chrysler after Fiat became a partner last year, also confirmed that the company will be investing in the Brampton plant's aging paint operations.
"We're not talking about specific investments but I think the paint shop in Brampton will need some intervention," he said.
Marchionne would not provide details, but sources say the work could involve either a cheaper refurbishing or a new paint shop that would cost several hundred million dollars.
Marchionne acknowledged the first half of this year will be "a very difficult transition" as the company continues to fix operations and develop new models to lift sagging sales. Chrysler's sales plunged more than 25 per cent in Canada and the U.S. last year.
However, he said comparing financial, sales and production data for the first half of this year to the same 2009 period would not provide a true picture because Chrysler was producing vehicles at the "speed of light" then with huge discounts.
While Chrysler focuses on developing new products, he said the company will also be busy spending its advertising dollars on building brand equity in the marketplace.
Chrysler hopes to start building on that late this year with new versions of the 300, Charger, the Fiat 500 subcompact and an unidentified crossover vehicle in stores.
A union benefit trust currently holds a majority of Chrysler after a major restructuring last year but Marchionne said the company could pursue an initial public offering of shares next year.

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Cerberus really left Chrysler in bad shape. And Daimler merge/split hurt them too.
I still have faith they will come out ok.
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