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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by IntimidatorR/T, Oct 5, 2020.

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    lately for the past year, all I have been doing is deleting spammers from this site, seems like these are the only ones the frequent this forum. Forum Owners as I see it have not been noting it lately. I get on here ab out twice a week, and notice that there are at least 10 spammers per day waiting for approval to enter the site. when I do a look see where they are from mostly the IP address. all of them are from Europe , Russia, Ukraine, Viet Nam. etc.... and their email addy is from some other universe. some have posted and those that do, when I see it, I do ban them from the site and delete their post.

    I know this site has fallen off the face of the earth here lately. not many post things about their car or show info and such. Facebook just about has taken over the club communication. I know I am part of many groups. and usually get info that way.

    but as I am the only admin that visits weekly I will continue to take care of the spammers and post on what things are happening. maybe the Owners will see something different and figure out what to do.

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