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So the other night I went to my , oh I lost count, Tesla show. Any ways Frank the guitarist is a die hard Mopar fan and loves my car. Well I have a custom nose badge shown here.

My idea was to have the band sign the car on the hood stripe in silver and then have it somehow coated. Well I had it worked out to have all 5 guys do it Saturday night wich is a rare occasion to get them all together after a show with the schedule they have going. However they got out much later then normal and I wasnt able to meet up with them. Later that night I got a message from Frank and said they looked for me but couldnt find me. He said he will make it happen atg the next show. That show is in November in Ohio. Well November is when my car goes into storage for the winter.


Ideas on what to do to protect the signatures when it does hapen?

My car was featured on one of thier web clips they do for the fan club.

Their fan club is called the Tesla Troops. Its in honor of our military people.:)
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To get autographs for anything would be an acomplishment. I dont know if I would have them sign my hood, if this is your daily driver, but I would have them sign the underside of the hood or even the under side fo the trunk.:rockout:
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