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What oil do you use?

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Ok, we all probably use synthetic oil in our cars... but what brand of oil do you use? And why?
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which oil dodge dealer use ,that what is in car.......
Castrol, been using it since i pretty much got my license
back in 1980, 20w50 went in everything i owned
and my dads cars too. 250K on a 74 caddy he had
engine never taken apart not even for a timing chain
i use the synblend
I have been using Valvoline Synpower but after talking to one of the oil shops we deliver too, he recommends Castrol Synthetic. He said that since my engine does create high RPM's when putting the hammer down, that Castrol is the better oil for this. This car is the first car that I have started using synthetic oil in. so I am still new to the game on this.

Also, would it hurt to switch brands?
Still have the original oil for now. Plan on using Royal Purple when I do the first change. I've heard a lot of good things about it. We use it in our 500 CFM air compressors on the rig. The mechanic here highly recommends it. :thumbupleft:

Oh yea, forgot to vote!!!!!
WELL VOTE!!! :cool:
Allways was Castrol, but went to Royal Purple last 2years on the 04 Hemi. Royal Purple in the Challenger at 500 miles. :rockout:
Also, would it hurt to switch brands?
no it wont cause you any problems.

also wanted to state that the main reason i use the synthetic blend
is i dont do the miles so the challenger is on a 6 month change schedule
my last fun car (78 corvette) I used to average about 1500 miles per year
with it.
Castrol Race-Edge is my flavor, Dodge recommendation are 5/20w (Avenger2.7)but with the harsh Aussie climate I was recommended to run 5/30w.
I started using Castrol Syntec first couple of oil changes. This last time I switched to Royal Purple because of the results in my Honda and past vehicles. I think it's OK to switch brands of synth, just don't switch back to dino.

ANY oil works in the 3.5 - because I am RELIGIOUS about 3000 mile oil changes
As long as it's 5/20....I'll stick with dino oil...old school I guess...
Well being a new born TEXAN from the east coast, and saved in TEXAS......We use our's and the neighbors, " BIG DADDY'S fryer " left over fryer oil. Seems to work fine and always smells like deep fried chicken or chicken fried steak........ drivin with all them yummy smells coming up thew the vents........
Mobile 1 for now.
5w20 full syn. Amsoil.... The 1st in synthetic oils and the best... IMO

I can't believe you left Amsoil of the list...
5w20 full syn. Amsoil.... The 1st in synthetic oils and the best... IMO

I can't believe you left Amsoil of the list...
I went ahead and added Amsoil ;)
well this past weekend I switched to Castrol Sentec. Walmart did not have the Valvoline synpower so I made the switch.
I just got my first oil change a bit late at 900 miles as I heard I should have done it at 500. But I've babied the car pretty much with no WOT yet. I was ALMOST talked into using a non-synthetic oil to save money but had the owner's manual recommended 5w-40 synthetic and used Mobil 1.
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