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DIY: GE8 Interior footwell LED, wired into dome (overhead) light. BIG pics!
First DIY on this forum! I have a 2010 GE8 Sport. Didn't find a DIY for this model so I'll write one myself! This lighting mod splices LED or cathode tubes into your overhead dome light. They turn on when you push the unlock button on your key fob (Sport model) and fade out with the dome light when you lock the car. The switch on the dome light DOES NOT control these lights. Preform at your own risk! nor I am responsible if you fry your wiring harness!

Time to complete: 1-2 hours max

Skills: Basic wire splicing and soldering (if you want to do it right) skill.

- 12V LED light strips or cathodes. I used two 12" long LED strips from Autozone ($20). They came with adhesive backing.
- Wire cutters/strippers
- Soldering gun
- Electrical tape

Here goes:

Find the fuse box located under the steering wheel. I took out most of the paneling to make it easier.

Look for the green plug under the box with the blue and pink wires coming from the back:

Unplug it:

At this point your dome light will not work! This is supposed to happen, if it STILL turns on FIND the RIGHT plug! Its the only one that looks like this so it shouldn't be hard.

Now, wire your lights together. On the kit I have the RED wire is the positive(+) and the red with the black stripe is negative(-).

I spliced and soldered the wires so that they spider off leaving one positive(+) and one negative(-) end to splice into the wiring harness on the car.

Now, strip the electrical tape off the harness and pull the wires out of the plastic tube to give you some breathing room. Cut the blue and pink wires back from the plug a little ways just in case. It gets tight when plugging it back in so a GOOD soldering job is KEY so the wires don't pull apart!

Splice the POSITIVE(+) wire into the PINK wire (This is your hot wire) and solder for a good connection! Wrap in electrical tape. Here's a diagram:

Do the same with the NEGATIVE(-) and BLUE wire.

It should look like this when finished and plugged in

NOW your lights should come on with your dome light and look awesome. Put them where you want. I put them out of sight under the dash on both sides.

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