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xbox 360

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Anyone else play on 360 live?
Love call of duty 2 modern warfare and all Halo games.
Gamer tag is Fire EMT USAF 1 if you're interested.
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yeah mine xbox id is rat boy n tx ... lately been just on playing modern warfare 2
I play mwf2 forza3 and battlefield2 but I havnt been able to play lately because both xbox 360s have red ring and I'm too lazy to send them back. But you can add me as DrangonLord3419 (tried picking the nerdest name lol)
Hummm... I might need to dig mine out. I'm Soul MGG. Last game I played online was Gears of War 2, currently play Assassin's Creed 2
I'm always up for COD MW2. My gamertag is.....RMFT19:p
Well.. I see now I need to buy another copy of CoD MW2 ... the current copy I have now is my sons and he plays that one on HIS system

Yes,yes.. I have 2 systems so we can play head to head, what can I say??
I usually play on my PC. but here lately, I havent even fired that game up.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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